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My Vote Goes to Mother Earth

Sometimes it feels like we are fighting mother earth we are chemicals, pollution and unnatural ingredients. They want to own all the seeds the farmers use to plant crops year after year. Some of those seeds have been in the family of farmers for generations. Now they have to buy them and return them after the crop if fully grown. […]

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What’s Next?

The food system has strayed very far from its traditional farming roots and gone into a dark place. Almost everything has become processed and a handful of corporations are controlling our entire food system from the seeds to what’s on our plate. The names of the chemicals in the foods we eat today seem out of a science fiction novel. […]

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I’m Cooking & Living!

Just when you thought you have heard everything about what Michael Pollan had to say about the sad state of our food industry, he surprises us again.  Now he is simply saying: “start cooking or die.”  You know that when you eat out, you have very little control of what you’re actually eating. Follow Michael’s advice and live a long, […]

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‘Replicant’ Tomatoes

Image via Milena Prinzi

Can we predict what tomatoes will taste like in the future?  Imagine The Sci -Fi favorite “Blade Runner’s” cool main character, Deckard (Harrison Ford) sharing a cup of spicy “replicant tomato ramen” with his girlfriend.  Interesting…. Especially if you’re hungry.   If we keep mass producing our food, hiring illegal cheap labor, requiring minimum control and lowering quality standards, we’ll answer […]

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Why we care?

Food Regulations, Food Recalls, Organic Food, Sustainable Farming, Industrialized Foods, GMOs, Alternate Food Systems, Mass Production, Farm Land, Fast Food, Obesity, Bio-dynamics, Clones, Food Poising, Genetic Engineering, Water. Death.  Fade to black. Are you still there? These words may sound like they belong in a Science Fiction script, but they are our reality.  These are some of the words in the headlines […]

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