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You probably have noticed that everything in the supermarket is a bit more expensive since the new year. The reason? Inflation. It basically means that the demand for products and services is higher than the supply, therefore the price increase. Inflation doesn’t only refer to higher prices; but also higher interest rates. For investments, the rate of return is lower, unless you have an inflation-proof savings vehicle such as cash value life insurance, permanent life insurance, or whole life.

With this product, you pay the premium you want based on your budget and you’ll accumulate tax-deferred savings, which you can withdraw at any time without losing your life insurance. At the same time, your policy continues to grow through compounding interest and receives dividends at a whopping 5% rate. The best thing about cash value life insurance is its tax benefits and the flexibility to convert it into a retirement income or long-term-care product. Did we say that you can customize it according to your budget and that you pay no fees?

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