Meet Your Favorite Celebs Alter Egos

It’s Halloween a.k.a the day people release their alter egos and dress up like nobody is watching. This is probably why celebs LOVE this holiday! For 24 hours, they can be whoever they want. Their strict styling rules go out the window and their playful personalities take over. Some of their costumes are to die for and their makeup even better. Behold, our favorite costumes. Boo!

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The Dirrty Girl

The baby of the Kardashian clan unveiled her inner Xtina by dressing as the pop star in her iconic Dirrty music video. You almost have to blink twice because Kylie looks just like Aguilera.

Salt N’ Pepa like Bey

The queen, her mom Tina and little Blue Ivy brought back to life the attitude of Salt N’ Pepa. As the hip hop all star girl group, Beyonce and her ladies slayed it!

The X Woman

Big sis Khloe Kardashian lets her super powers shine by turning herself into Storm, the awesome character famously portrayed by Halle Berry in the X Men saga.

Unicorn Babe

Rainbow Brite has nothing on Jenna Dewan Tatum, she knows a thing or two about magical creatures. She totally pulled off the super popular unicorn costume.

The Clintons, Perry & Bloom Style

Leave it to super star couple Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom to embody power couple Hilary and Bill Clinton. What a sense of humor! Job well done.

On her way to Kansas

Stunning Demi Lovato gave innocent Dorothy a new sexy personality with her smoking interpretation. Obsessed with her makeup!

Cleo’s Sting

The enchantress of the Nile was incarnated by the gorgeous Emily Ratajowski. The seductive model modernized the classic Cleopatra costume and we’re digging it!

Sensual Bunny

Lil’ Kim chose a sexy bunny this Halloween. Lot’s of burrows would want her to visit, don’t you think?

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