Ruby Rose Shares Her Favorite Vice

Not often one gets the opportunity to meet a celeb and simply understands why she made it. Ruby Rose‘s enigmatic yet accessible personality makes her a star. She speaks her mind without embellishments, even at the risk of embarrassing herself a little. She’s not afraid to show who she is and is not apologetic about it. Natural born daredevil, Ruby is the new face of Urban Decay‘s Vice line and she’s the perfect choice. She is as bold, beautiful and dangerous as the brand new 100 lipsticks with cool names as disobedient, no-tell motel and insanity. 

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Model, DJ, actress, animal rights advocate and gender identity activist, Ruby has positioned herself as an icon within the LGBT community pretty much since she came out at 12 years old. Her school days in Australia were challenging because Ruby didn’t fit the mold, she had a unique voice and personality that weren’t that easy to accept. She was bullied, made fun of, but she never lost herself. Shortly after arriving in the U.S., Ruby made a film about transitioning called Breaking Free which gave a voice to many teens and adults tied to the gender they were born, but didn’t identify with. The masterful short was an instant phenomenon and her acting career took off, she landed her famous role in the Netflix hit Orange is The New Black, and the rest is history. It makes sense that she’s the new face of Vice, because she embodies ‘that girl’.

Milena Prinzi & Ruby Rose

The Vice girl loves to experiment with bright, dark and daring makeup colors, everything from metallic blue to matte nude. When I asked Ruby why she became a Vice girl she said:

“I love a brand that empowers women and men to express themselves the way they want.”

Ruby’s favorite Vice color is disobedient, a matte nude with a hint of rose she wore at the launch party. When she’s not busy playing with her beloved dogs, she’s doing her own stunts at various movie sets with the likes of Vin Diesel. She’s such badass! Urban Decay‘s Vice 100 new lipsticks will be hitting stores soon, and I can’t wait to try them all!!

Image by Milena Prinzi

Milena Prinzi

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