Stop Damaging Your Hair with Every Wash

We’re in the middle of winter and you haven’t changed your hair routine to adapt to the cold temperatures. If you don’t want to continue damaging your hair, you must adopt the following changes right away. You can actually have the best hair of your life right now!

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Stick to one brand: If ain’t broke…  If you love the way your hair feels after every wash, don’t change hair product’s brands. However, if the texture changes choose a concentrated hydrating formula.

Clarifying shampoo is a must! Whether you style your hair or not, you must use a clarifying shampoo during the winter time to eliminate residue build-up.

Do the dry-brushing thing. Wet hair is delicate because the follicles are open and they break easily. Wait until the hair is damp to brush and use a wide-tooth comb preferably.

Lukewarm water, but never hot! Unless you want to burn your delicate hair follicles and dry the roots, wash your hair with cool-ish water. Start with lukewarm water to open the hair follicles and allow the product to be absorbed. Then rinse with colder water to close the follicles and seal in the moisture.

Let the oils do its magic! Wash your hair three to four days a week to avoid drying the follicles. The hair needs its natural oils to absorb nutrients. If you can’t help it, use a dry shampoo and delay washing for another day.

Bring baking soda into the mix: Clean and sterilize your brushes and combs at least once a month by submerging them in water with baking soda. If you brush your hair with a dirty brush, you are passing dirt, oil and residue from the brush back into the hair. Women with greasy hair should only use combs.

Heat-resistant spray, always! Protect your hair before using hot styling tools to create a barrier between hair and heat. You should always use the tools at the medium heat setting and take a little longer styling so you don’t burn the follicles.


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