Breast Cancer, You’re Going Down!

Breast cancer thinks it can take women down. Every two minutes a female in the world is diagnosed with this life-threatening disease. Mothers, daughters, sisters and friends are coming together to stand up against an illness that is threatening our existence. To breast cancer, we say: we are stronger together! October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and thanks to this initiative the mortality rate has declined in the United States in the past years due to better knowledge, screenings and treatments. Mionetto Prosecco USA joined the fight and launched in 2015 Pink Cork for the Cause, a campaign focused on raising funds for charities supporting patients, survivors and their families.  

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We like to celebrate the small and big things in life, of course, health tops the list. The toast is always better with a glass of bubbly in hand, champagne, prosecco or sparkling rosé. Around the country, you can find Mionetto bottles with the signature pink cork which indicates that the funds we’ll go to a patient. With every purchase you’re helping a woman fight breast cancer, darkness and fear. Let her know she’s not alone walking through the unknown.


As women we can make a difference. The pink ribbon is our insignia and choosing products with this symbol means choosing life. We love helping and encouraging each other because the battle of one woman is our war. Friends, let’s beat breast cancer at its game, once and for all!

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Milena Prinzi

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