Top 10 Health & Wellness Trends To Focus On Quarantine

It’s been a very challenging year so far, even though most people are focused on holistic health and wellness practices. We’re not only talking about physical, but also mental health and wellness. While we’re home, let’s reset the health button and take advantage of the following practices to rejoin society cleanse, detox, and rejuvenated.

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1. Ayurveda.

The 5,000-year-old health system, Ayurveda (in Sanskrit means “knowledge of life”), is responsible for a lot of health movements in 2020. Perhaps the most familiar of which would be the ketogenic diet. Ayurveda is an old system of medicine that incorporates plants and animal products, particularly fats. The practice of Ayurveda involves using fats both for consumption, meaning eating fats like ghee, and external use, like oils for the skin. The method connects both mind and body in bringing about wellness.

2. More Plant-Based Alternatives.

2019 has seen the rise of plant-based food, a huge 23% rise in sales. Gone are the days when the choices we had regarding plant-based diet were TVP and tofu. Now it is beginning to look like there will be a massive movement in the plant-based fish sector. Expect your local Whole Foods aisles to have more plant-based fish meat choices. The plant-based fish movement stemmed from the awareness of people of the negative impact of overfishing has on our environment.

3. More Sleep.

A lot of people, students, and workers alike are severely lacking in sleep. In the coming year, we will have a better understanding of our circadian rhythm and the effects of melatonin and cortisol on our sleep patterns. If these two hormones get out of whack, our circadian rhythm will be thrown out of its cycle, and our sleep gets messed up.

4. CBD Oil.

2019 showed a massive rise in the popularity of CBD oil. Despite its being taboo in certain circles, Whole Foods Market’s projection predicts that CBD oil will have an even higher spike in demand in 2020.

Expect that in the coming year, we will be learning more about the endocannabinoid system or the ECS. This is a primary bodily system that compounds like CBD and other cannabinoids interact with. We have seen how CBD oil has helped manage anxiety, and we’ve marveled at its anti-inflammatory and anti-seizure effects. Cannabis might also help with setting our sleep pattern straight. It most certainly helps with keeping a lid on anxiety and stress.

5. Eco-Consciousness.

More and more people are becoming aware of global warming and the dire situation the Earth is currently in. Expect that in 2020, the steady rise of the eco-friendly movement will continue. It is predicted that the use of single-use plastics and other single-use items will see a further decline, and the BYOB (bring your own bag) movement will continue to become more popular.

6. Mental Health.

This year, mental health continues to be given its due importance. People now realize that to be physically healthy. You need to think about your mental health, as well. Hemp-based products (like CBD oil) has become a more accessible alternative to the usual stress medications. It is predicted that 2019 will see the continuation of this mental health trend.

7. Oat Milk.

Is oat milk the new soy? This year, sales have grown by an impressive 45%. Lactose averse people have found an excellent alternative to dairy and soy milk, and the rise of its popularity does not seem to be ending soon. Grab yourself a bottle of oat milk this 2020 because it looks like they will be flying off the shelves still.

8. MCT Oil.

Aside from CBD, 2019 brought MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil into the spotlight. This oil is odorless and colorless and stays liquid at room temperature. Putting MCT oil into your coffee, making it “bulletproof” is the right way of boosting your energy. Expect to see MCT become even more popular in 2020 as more people become aware of its benefits.

9. Body Positivity.

Thanks to Rihanna and her Fenty Beauty brand, body positivity moved from the fringes to the mainstream. Body positivity saw a rise in popularity in 2019 as more and more people focus on loving their bodies instead of shrinking them to fit into the mold that society wanted them to look. As more people shift their focus to mental health, this 2020 will see an even more significant rise in the body positivity movement.

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10. Hemp-Based Products.

Aside from CBD oil, hemp-based products have found their way into our lives from our beauty products to our food. With the 2018 Farm Bill already signed into law, hemp-based farming will be legal nationwide. Expect that in 2020, there will be more choices in hemp-based products.

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