Earth Day: 5 Beauty Brands Making Huge Commitment

This pandemic has surely humbled us and made us aware of our mother’s power. If we didn’t respect her before, we are now and will after we overcome our struggle with COVID19. Too bad that we had to face a virus to understand that we pushed our luck.

In situations like this, we see the true colors and intentions of people, companies, and brands. Speaking of the latter, this year, some brands are pledging their commitment to a better planet by making their products green, sustainable, clean, and recyclable.

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The beauty industry is wasteful by nature since we are encouraged to use many products at the same time and try different ones all the time. Brands are more concerned about the ingredients inside the package and not about the package itself. Thankfully, brands are becoming more aware and are investing in the materials used when manufacturing their products.

Beauty Brands Committed to Save Our Planet


Leading the pack is BABOR. If you’re not familiar with this brand, you’re missing out. Born in Germany, BABOR is the country’s leading prestige skincare brand. The received a climate-neutral status this year. Being climate-neutral means sustainable, and focused on CO2 emissions, achieved through carbon neutrality. It also extends to zero net human-made greenhouse gas emissions.

The company also uses 100% recyclable packaging and is committed to a 30% reduction in plastic use by 2023. Most of their formulas used plant-based ingredients and are free of microplastic particles.

Guerlain Commitment to Honey Bees

Abeille Royale Collection
Abeille Royale Collection from

It’s been 10 years, yes, TEN YEARS of Guerlain taking care of honey bees, through different initiatives and campaigns. Protecting their environment and understanding the health benefits of liquid gold for the skin is one of the commitments of the brand.

This passion has become an official partnership with The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The beauty brand and the organization joined forces to develop and finance programs around the world dedicated to protecting honey bees.

You can enjoy the fantastic benefits of the honey and be part of this amazing campaign shopping their magnificent Abeille Royale Collection. These products help the bee population worldwide, with the production of 4,400 beehives to support 1 billion bees.

Guerlain was the first beauty brand to turn their factories in France into Covid19 aid factories to manufacture only face mask and protective equipment for the french health care workers.

Biolage Partnership With Green Circle Salons


If you thought 10 years was a long time, how about 30! That’s how long the natural hair care brand Biolage has been committed to saving the planet. Its mission is to prove that a professional, high performing, clean, natural, and sustainable formulas, and packaging is possible in the haircare industry.

As mentioned above, this year, Biolage is celebrating Earth Day with a brand new partnership with Green Circle Salons. The foundation wants to turn every hair salon into an environmentally friendly salon. Its mission is to collect, recycle, and repurpose salon’s hair clippings, used foils, color-tubes, excess hair color, papers, plastics, glass, and spa waste. The purpose is to divert all these trash from landfills and waterways.

Alpyn Beauty Cares About Our Planet’s Flora and Foliage

Alpyn Beauty
Alpyn Beauty products are wildcrafted in Jackson Hole.

With a partnership with 1% For The Planet and Grand Teton National Park Foundation, Alpyn Beauty proves how much it cares for the planet. The brand donates 1% of all brand revenue to the park’s #WildTreasures initiative.

This initiative supports the flora, fauna, and foliage of Grand Teton, which is where Alpyn Beauty sources its sustainable ingredients in Jackson Hole. The skincare brand supports wildlife and natural resources to maintain the park’s beauty as one of the lungs of our planet.

Tata Harper’s Brand New 100% Recyclable Refill Bottle

Water-Lock Moisturizer from Tata Harper
Water-Lock Moisturizer from Tata Harper

We love when brands’ innovation goes beyond the ground-breaking technology infused in their formulas. We’re talking about Tata Harper‘s Water-Lock Technology, which is present in their brand new moisturizer with peptides.

The 100% recyclable refill pod makes the packaging sustainable. Meaning that extends its lifecycle, reducing its carbon footprint and waste. This moisturizer is the first product of the brand with this purpose, but surely will not be their last.

The brand uses 300+ raw ingredients in their formulas, including botanical stem cells. This soon-to-be-released (April 28th) silicon-free, soothing moisturizer is pack with rich antioxidants from pomegranates. It also has orange spheres that lock in moisture in the skin.

What pledge are you making to our planet this year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day?

Lucia Prinzi

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