Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Collection

There are products you try once, and you know you’re going to use the rest of your life, and that was my experience with the Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Collection. K-Beauty at its finest, Sulwhasoo, uses only the best that nature can offer and infuse its products with the finest Korean herbal remedies. This Essential Balancing Collection nourishes the skin and restores its harmony. After one use, you feel how all the active ingredients work instantly, and you feel that tingling sensation we all love. No wonder is the all-time best seller of the brand! Give it a try; you won’t go back.

Active Ingredients: JISUN Firming Complex™, a potent blend of antioxidant-rich Goji Berries, Black Beans, and Arrowroot. Lotus, White Lily, Solomon’s Seal, Peony, and Rehmannia.

Perks: Skin hydration, brightness, radiance, resilience, less wrinkles and transparency.

Lucia Prinzi

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