Pumpkin Beauty Products We LOVE

‘Tis the season of everything pumpkin and we’re not complaining about it. We adore the orange stuff! Pumpkin is everywhere, infusing our favorite coffee drinks, enhancing the flavor of our smoothies, cookies, cakes, breads and cupcakes. Not surprising, you can even find pumpkin in your skin care products. We just raided stores and found the best antioxidant […]

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This Veggie Helps You Lose Weight Fast

The weight loss struggle is real and once you’re on track, you don’t want anything to derail your effort. Snacks tend to do that, when mid-morning/afternoon cravings strike, the first thought is to reach for a bag of potato chips. Are you looking for a healthy alternative? How about a low-calorie, salty and crunchy snack […]

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