This Veggie Helps You Lose Weight Fast

The weight loss struggle is real and once you’re on track, you don’t want anything to derail your effort. Snacks tend to do that, when mid-morning/afternoon cravings strike, the first thought is to reach for a bag of potato chips. Are you looking for a healthy alternative? How about a low-calorie, salty and crunchy snack like pumpkin seeds? If you want to lose weight consider adding pumpkin to your diet and not just around Thanksgiving.

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Why is pumpkin considered a weight loss ally?

Well, because this veggie has a very high concentration of fiber per cup. As you know, fiber is what makes you feel full and satiated, which means you won’t be asking for seconds, thirds or after-meal snacks. 1/2 cup of pumpkin (not the canned stuff) has only 40 calories and contains 8 grams of fiber. Some canned pumpkin brands have added sugar and additives that you just don’t want. The entire point is shed ingredients not add them. If you buy canned pumpkin, make sure to read the label closely to avoid hidden surprises on the ingredient list.

What’s the difference between low and high fiber and why is important?

As we mentioned, high-fiber foods are very essential to lose weight because they slow down your metabolism. Your digestive system takes its time breaking down all the food you ate, as a result, you feel full for a longer period of time. High-fiber foods also make your system absorb sugar more efficiently. You want this when you’re on a diet because sugar increases your insulin levels, which end up becoming stored fat. On the other hand, low-fiber foods digest very quickly and you’ll want to eat again in an hour. 

Why pumpkin?

This veggie is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium, beta and alpha carotene, calcium, vitamin A, magnesium and iron. It’s versatile, you can cook it any way you want. The seeds are delicious and deeply satisfying, especially if they are lightly toasted. You can eat them as is or mixed in your salads, smoothies, or sprinkled in your yogurt or sorbet.

Friend, take the reins of your weigh loss ‘carriage’ and make smart snack choices that will help you lose weight every single day. No more regrets!

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