¡Adiós winter, bienvenida la primavera!

Visit your local farmer’s market, grab some friends, go outside and make a picnic under a magical tree. No se te olvide aplicar un poco de protector solar y crema humectante para el día en tu rostro. I’m so excited about the sun, it’s been a long, cold winter in NYC!

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Image by Milena Prinzi 

Imagen vía The Honest Company
Este es uno de nuestros favoritos The Honest Company ($13.95)
Food vs Evil

Beauty & Wellness With a Dash of Entertainment and Style.

One thought on “¡Adiós winter, bienvenida la primavera!

  1. Awesome website!!!
    So life improving!!!
    A welcome constant reminder to combat what’s truely an enemy in our day to day living!


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