Sofía Vergara Wants to Embellish Your Body

Sofía Vergara wants to bring the scent of Colombian flowers into every woman’s closet. So Very Sofía is Avon‘s new floral fragrance with hints of Flor de Mayo Orchid, passion fruit and patchouli. The sexy, delicate and vivacious aroma will make every woman feel elegant and desired.

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Also: Nails, welcome spring’s trendiest polish!

Sofía’s partnership with Avon was easy because she believes in the power the brand has to improve women’s lives. The fact that anyone can become a sales representative for a brand that stands for women was the icing on the cake for Sofía. Look for the fragrance this Fall.

“Avon’s mission is incredibly important to me,” says Sofia. “The brand offers women a way to build themselves up and achieve financial security, and that’s something I strongly believe in. Making this fragrance available exclusively through Avon is my way of supporting that goal. I want to help empower each woman to take control of her life, and gain the confidence and ability to achieve her dreams.”

Image by Avon 


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