Women’s Day: 11 Celebs Leading the Female Movement

Today we celebrate the International Women’s Day, and the so-wrongly-called-“weaker sex” it’s honoring their gender by protesting, instead of celebrating. Power, is this year’s theme because millions of women around the world are expected to march to pressure the government to fully acknowledge and respect their rights.

11 Celebs who lead International Women’s Day

The following women lead the feminist voices of our time and with their work, they encourage others to follow in their footsteps. Our gender is being challenged ladies, now more than ever. This why today we stand together as one group without differences because our daughters and granddaughter’s future are at stake.

The pop queen stood by Hillary Clinton’s side during the election, and since then, she has become one of the voices of the opposition.

On the outside, she seems to have it all, but on the inside she’s alone and struggling with postpartum depression. That’s the thing about the disease, it doesn’t discriminate and she’s been very vocal about it. She loves keeping it real when it comes to politics and women.

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The self-made powerful entrepreneur encourages people to vote in order to change things that aren’t going so well with the current administration.

The queen started by challenging the music industry hiring only women to be part of her band and team. She continues to be involved in politics and is an advocate for women’s power around the world. We rule!

The star of Beauty & The Beast is more than just beauty. A self proclaimed feminist, Emma is not afraid to speak her mind and views about women’s roles and expectations. She’s not having any of it!


Women have curves and Ashley knows it. That’s why she has turned the fashion industry upside down. Well done!


The always rebellious actress has found a new path through faith since converting to Islam. She believes in the purity and innocence of women and seems to want to go far to prove it.

Need to say more? You heard her speeches on every award show. She’s been vocal about her position on women, government, racial issues and the future. She’s not shutting up any time soon.

A fierce advocate of African Americans rights, she’s not afraid of setting the record straight when it comes to prejudice. She embodies her culture and wears it proudly, her locks are living proof.

She created a movement that will outlive this and future administrations. She gave a new meaning to the word nasty and she has become the symbol of the new feminists.

Probably the bravest woman of her time. She questioned an entire culture and survived to share her story and change girls’ lives.

How are you honoring women today?

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