Detox Orange, Carrots & Spinach Juice

You attended the biggest party of the year and bid farewell to 2016. The drinking, eating and party-hopping hasn’t stopped probably since Thanksgiving and your gut is feeling it. Time to detox friend, so you can start the New Year on the right foot. Don’t know how? We have a delicious and effective juice right here for you, cheers!

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Enriched with vitamin C from oranges and carrots, this juice cleanses your liver and intestines while absorbing fat residue from your gut. Spinach is full of iron, copper and other minerals which are very nutritious and necessary to make this juice detoxing. If you want to make this juice a meal substitute, you should add protein such as almond or coconut milk to the mix. If your stomach can’t handle the amount of acid, you can always tone it down a bit by adding a little bit of honey.


1 Cup of coconut or almond milk (optional)

1 Cup of fresh spinach 

1 Cup of shredded carrot

1 Cup of juice from an oranges, fresh or prepared

1 Tablespoon of honey (optional)

1 Sprig of fresh rosemary (optional)

Instructions: Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy. Drink it first thing in the morning for best results. You’ll feel the difference right away after drinking this juice couple of times.

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