How To Renew Skin and Body Cells During Sleep

Can we get younger overnight? Apparently, yes, but with the right aides. During sleep, our bodies go into reset mode; we should all take advantage of this perk, don’t you think? How do you do that? Well, by taking the right supplements, of course.

I have taken supplements my entire life, and quite honestly, some times I feel the difference, and others I don’t. It all depends on the brand, the formulations, and concentration.

I’m the type of person that when I discover something that works for me, I commit to it, so I can get the full results. I apply this practice to skincare products, home remedies, and supplements.

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We all know that drinking plenty of water, and a suitable sleeping routine is the formula of success to maintain skin elasticity and collagen production. Easier said than done, right? Because it’s no easy to sleep well, especially these days where our stress and anxiety levels are at an all-time high.

How can you help yourself without taking medication? You can do it by taking supplements such as CoQ10 in the form of ubiquinol, ceramides, and ferulic acid. Luckily these are the main ingredients in HUM Nutrition Mighty Night Overnight Cell Renewal for Skin and Body

In a nutshell, ubiquinol supports skin cell renewal and protects their membranes. Ceramides seal hydration and help with skin elasticity, and ferulic acid fights free radicals.

HUM Nutrition Mighty Night

Once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along to shake an entire industry, and HUM Nutrition Mighty Night is one of those. Its a rich antioxidant supplement formulated with the three active ingredients mentioned above plus valerian. For centuries, clinical valerian root hops and passionflower have been used in ancient medicine to aid sleep.

I have taken this supplement for three weeks now or since the quarantine started, and I have been sleeping better. I’m not as restless as I was before. I can feel the difference since I have more energy, even though I’m not moving nearly as much as I usually do.

The thing I’m the most excited about is that my undereye bags are not as puffy or swollen since I have been taking this supplement. All you have to do is take one pill after dinner and let its magic happen.

I also like to sleep on a silk pillowcase and spray it with lavender linen spray before I lay on it. I find this little ritual very relaxing and self-serving. When I want a deep sleep, I wear a silky eye mask, which helps snooze deeply (but I only do that on weekends). I feel like these days; we need all the help we can get to achieve quality sleep every night to ease our minds and strengthen our immune systems.

Milena Prinzi

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