Génesis Rodríguez Shares Her Most Valuable Beauty Secret

The beautiful and talented actress Génesis Rodríguez is unstoppable. She just started a new partnership with L’Oreal Paris USA as the new face of Preference hair color because she wants to empower Latinas of every age to feel beautiful. The daughter of famous Venezuelan singer José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma” knows that every woman has the power to take control of the way they feel and look. She believes in making healthy and wise choices daily no matter how tired she is. Génesis tries to eat right even though sometimes she eats a cheeseburger or empanadas de guayaba con queso for breakfast.

Milena Prinzi & Genesis Rodríguez
Milena Prinzi & Génesis Rodríguez

Génesis loves makeup and uses lots of it quite frequently because of her work in front of the camera. The lights are never easy on the skin and that’s why she has a little routine she does every night before bed to help her maintain her flawless skin. These are the secrets she shared with me and we’re sharing them with you. They are so easy!

1. Drink a glass of water an hour before going to bed to hydrate the skin.

2. Remove your makeup with lukewarm water and a gentle face scrub.

3. Smear an oil based nighttime moisturizer like Rosa Mosqueta because it’s completely natural.

4. Apply under-eye cream and don’t forget your neck.

5. Capitalize on your “beauty sleep”. A good night’s rest is essential to keep your skin looking radiant.

These simple yet effective beauty tips will keep wrinkles and dry skin at bay. Start taking care of yourself #PorqueTuLoVales.

Milena Prinzi

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