The Thing About Your Skin and Winter

Baby is cold outside…  and your skin knows it. Prevent skin dehydration and dryness by adjusting your beauty routine to accommodate the cold weather. Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Alicia Barba gave me some valuable tips to protect your skin and look your best this winter.

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Protect your underarms: Since you’re wearing lots of layers to keep warm, you must choose a deodorant/antiperspirant that absorbs sweat and keeps the area dry by soaking all the moisture to prevent irritation. Dr. Barba recommends Dove Dry Spray. They come in different aromas including soothing chamomile and classic clean. I’m using them and it keeps me protected all day long. 

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Don’t forget sunscreen! Just because the sun is not as strong during winter, it doesn’t mean that the ultraviolet rays aren’t as strong and damaging. If you don’t like the feeling of sunscreen, wear a moisturizer with at least 25% SPF.

Make your skin glow: It’s hard to get that ‘natural glow’ during the winter months because the air is dry and lacks moisture. Dr. Barba recommends using tinted moisturizer and a highlighter to add shine to your face.

Don’t sleep on your face! That’s right, try to relax on your back so you won’t get lines and wrinkles on your face, neck and even chest. If you just can’t get a good night of sleep on your back, purchase a silk pillowcase to reduce the friction against your face.

Exercise to prevent acne:  Due to the low temperature, the body tenses and behaves under stress. This affects impacts your skin directly and your hormones. Exercise will help the hormones behave normally and prevent skin breakouts.

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