How to Lose Weight by The End of Each Day

If you want to lose weight successfully, you have to set easy goals that you can tackle everyday. Don’t think long term, just think until the end of the day. Surround yourself with tools that will aide your weight loss efforts or at least prevent you from gaining a pound by bedtime. What to do?

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Don’t skip breakfast, but don’t eat just anything. Choose plain oatmeal or rolled oats cooked in water with a teaspoon of granola. A cup of plain Greek yogurt with honey, a mixed berry smoothie with coconut milk or a cup of green tea.

Stop snacking! If you can’t help yourself,  keep nuts, granola bars and a couple of bananas lying around. Sometimes we snack because we are bored or nervous and not due to hunger. Chew on sugar free gum instead to control anxiety.

Don’t eat lunch out every day: Pace yourself because most places around office buildings serves fast food full of hidden fattening ingredients. On Monday, bring to the office a bag of leafy greens, grape tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, or any other veggies so you like to prepare a salad for lunch. Buy a variety of low-fat dressings and keep them in the your office’s fridge.

Go prepared to after-work dinners: Eat a granola bar so you won’t show up “hungry” at dinner. It’s harder to choose something healthy or resist the temptation to order fatty dishes when your stomach is growling.  Save calories for a drink, order vodka or any other low-sugar spirit and stay away from wine.

Are you a veggie pooperNot a problem, learn to drink your greens ‘juicing’. Try to eat a high-fiber diet, increasing the amount of beans, whole grains, barley and fruits to reduce your waistline. Fiber helps you feel satiated after every meal.


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