5 Reasons Perfect Abs Are Like A Perfect Boyfriend

Abs are like the perfect boyfriend, we all want them, but very few of us have them. Why? Well, in the case of abs it has to do with genetics and the way our abdominal muscles are built. When it comes to boyfriends, the answer is a little more complicated. In any case, consider these facts before you spend a portion of your salary on creams, workouts and expensive cosmetic treatments.

  1. It’s all about structure: Exercise with a trainer so he can design a workout routine that targets your bone and muscular structure. Don’t join random classes or follow that great exercise video before you understand how your abs work.
  2. How much action are you getting? You might be getting a lot, but your abs are getting very little. If you spend most of your time sitting, your abdominal muscles are completely inert. Sit straight, and contract your muscles throughout the day.  Also, learn how to do crunches while you’re standing.
  3. Learn how to move: Try to engage your abs while you walk and don’t let your back muscles do all the work. While you walk, suck your gut in to engage your core. Don’t bend your shoulders because your abs will be too relaxed.
  4. Be playful! Little children have abs because most of them have very little fat in their stomach. Limit the quantity of sugar and refined flours you eat during the day in order to melt fat easily. If you want, wear a waist trainer ONLY during your workout to sweat more.
  5. Learn what you are made of: This is very important because you don’t want to feel frustrated. If you don’t, you’ll probably stop exercising all together. You have to exercise smart to target the muscles you want to develop right away. Abs require a lot of work and commitment, and you need to know what are you doing.

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