4 Ways To Beat Cellulite At Home

Hands down, cellulite is every woman’s beauty nightmare. We try the possible and impossible to get rid of it, but the task seems almost impossible. It has everything to do with genetics, skin and tissue type and that’s why is more visible in some women than others. There are some things you can do to disguise it, so read on!

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Green Diet: Cellulite is fat that gets in between the fine layers of the skin. Defy the odds by eating a mostly vegetarian diet with healthy fats. We’re talking whole grains, cruciferous vegetables and nut oils.

Plenty of Water: H20 not only flushes your system and eliminates fat, but also helps your skin restores collagen. Collagen is what maintains the skin tight and young. 

Toning Exercises: There are plenty of workouts dedicated to tightening the muscles in your tights and buttocks, these are the body parts where cellulite concentrates the most. Hello squats, spinning and lunges.

Cellulite Massages: Dry brushing help reduce cellulite’s pockets in certain parts of your body by stimulating circulation. The more you brush, the more toxins and fat you dissolve. The downside is that you have to brush a lot. We’re talking about six times a week for at least 30 minutes. Yup!

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