Holy Potato Juice: You Answered My Skin Prayer

If you want clear skin, you have to detox first. Boost your immune system to regenerate cells with natural alternatives like potato juice. For best results, drink it raw, straight up, but if you’re not that adventurous, prepare smoothies with it instead of using coconut water. Below are some of the ways this uncommon juice improves your skin.

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Don’t be discouraged about the name of this juice, I tasted it and it’s actually good. It tastes a bit like rice water. I’m telling you, its way better than you think, and the results will surprise you.

Clear Cells = Clear Pores: Potato juice is a powerful antioxidant that cleanses your body from free radicals and toxins. These two not-too-friendly substances, make your skin feel dry and dull. You should drink a glass of potato juice at least once a week to remove toxic agents from your system. 

What wrinkles? The high amounts of vitamins A, E and C present in potatoes are ideal for minimizing the effect of wrinkles. Peel and grind a potato, mash the raw pieces and apply the liquid onto your face. Wait at least 20 minutes before rinsing with cool water. Repeat five times a week for better results. 

Alkaline Control: An alkaline body, is less acidic, which means cleaner cells. Potato juice is great for eliminating the excess of acid and restore alkalinity levels. Drink at least three glasses per week, preferably before breakfast to successfully detox your cells. 

Excuse me, Eczema! Potatoes are rich in vitamin B-complex, which is perfect to solve skin problems such as eczema, redness and dry skin. Peel a potato and put a piece of the starch directly on the affected area to heal it. For dramatic results, drink potato juice every day to prevent such problems.

Say hello to clearer skin, bottoms up!

Milena Prinzi

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