Yummy Edible Salad With Flowers To Welcome Spring

To celebrate the first day of Spring we have a delicious garden salad made with edible flowers. Take advantage of the weather and visit your local farmer’s market to find unique local veggies. Learn to incorporate the leaves and flowers into your salads either raw or cooked to add more nutrients. You’ll be surprised how much tastier they’ll be.

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To prepare this delicious salad you’ll need one chopped shallot, one teaspoon of Dijon mustard, two teaspoons of champagne vinegar, one fennel and carrot shaved. To add color, you’ll need one watermelon radish, shaved, a handful of mixed greens and edible flowers. You can buy any type of flowers you’ll like. To garnish you’ll need French salt, fleur de sel, lemon and extra virgin olive oil. 

Instructions: Place shallots, mustard, salt, champagne vinegar and, black pepper in bowl, whisk to combine. Add a handful of fennel, carrots and watermelon radishes and sprinkle them with fleur de selMassage the vegetables with the dressing and drizzle with lemon. Toss everything by hand and add a handful of edible flowers, drizzle with olive oil. Taste and season more if necessary. Watch the recipe and we’ll promise you this will be your favorite Spring salad. 

We’re off to the kitchen to make this yummy, low-fat recipe. Let us know when you make it.


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