Move On Celebs, Your Kids Are Way More Stylish

The only way celebs take the back seat and give up their spotlight happily is when their place is taken by their offspring. Some of these kids are so stylish that we almost wish we could be their size. Oh, the life of a kid.

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Little Kardashians

Their designer clothes filled closets are bigger than our apartments!

Princess Chanel

This little baby has her very own Louboutins.

Simpson Babe

Mom Jessica has a multi million dollar clothing empire and this little boy knows it.

Mini Me

Little Haven loves to not only dresses like mom, but loves her beauty products!

Legally Blonde

Little Ava is all grown up and she has her own Insta account and the coolest style.

Little Angels

Mom’s little angels have the same boho-chic style as their hot mom.

The IT Smith

Willow shook the fashion world her her futuristic-Rasta style. We dig it!

Littles from the Block

The Lopez twins, know how to rock the ‘hood’ stay home look from famous mom.

Soccer Kids

Probably the coolest soccer-glam style around.

Who’s your favorite celeb’ child?

Images by Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham & Kate Hudson 



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