Unforgetable & Unforgivable MET Gala Looks

I know, I know, neither you nor I were invited this year to the big gala hosted by the city of New York, of course I’m talking about the MET. Celebs parade the magical stairs of the famed museum with their stunning, revealing, mouth-watering, a·vant-garde gowns while we all secretly wish, “next year”. Since we don’t have a fairy godmother handy, let’s just travel to memory lane and relive the best looks of fashion’s most glamorous night. After you.

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Also: Are you contouring me?

Sheer Kim Kardashian 

Stone Queen


Barely There

Pretty in Pink

Shine bright like a diamond 


Bourgeois Dame 

Spanish Dancer


Flower Girl 

The City’s Girlfriend


Wild Child


Blonde Elegance 


How sweet is this red carpet?

Image by Instagram 

Milena Prinzi

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