Beware, These Foods Make You Older

We try very hard to delay and defy aging as long as possible. We buy expensive beauty products, make homemade ones and stay away from the sun. That’s all great, but what about your diet? Did you know that certain foods just make you older when you eat them? Yup! Here they are, so eat them with moderation or avoid them to retain your youth.

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Sugar: The excess of sugar in our body will affect our collagen levels. Collagen is what keeps our skin tight and smooth and when that goes, the wrinkles appear. Skin care treatments won’t restore your collagen alone, unless you better your diet

Alcoholic Beverages: Whenever we drink, we dehydrate our body and that’s why we feel hungover the next day. Alcoholic drinks, especially spirits, have a direct impact on the liver. Abnormal liver functions affect the skin. A healthy skin comes from within. You have to make sure to drink plenty of water while you’re drinking to prevent severe skin dehydration.

Burned Foods: Charred meats, pizza, and bread are not good for your skin. They contain hydrocarbons which have pro-inflammatory properties. The problem here is that inflammation breaks down collagen. We need an abundance of collagen so we can keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

Trans Fat: They are bad for your health, period. They raise bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. Trans-fatty acids are found in some forms of vegetable oil due to a process where hydrogen was added. You know you’re eating trans fats when the label says ‘partially hydrogenated oil’. Most packaged baked goods, chips, frozen foods and creamers have them. Stay away from these because they make you more receptive to UV rays which accelerates aging.

Sodium: Foods high in sodium are quite bad for your health and beauty. Limit the amount of canned foods, processed meats, and colorants because they have way too many nitrates and preservatives. These foods make you thirsty, which means your body is dehydrated, which reflex on your skin. If you’re a fan of these foods, drink plenty of water to flush your system.

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