Beauty Lifesavers For the Gal On-The-Go

We all have ‘beauty emergencies’ and when panic strikes, few of us are creative enough to solve the problems. Fortunately, there are certain products you should always carry in your purse to de-grease your hair, freshen your makeup, get rid of unwanted clothing stains and improve your overall appearance. Read on because these tips will literally save your look!

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All-in-one makeup stick

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This versatile stick will solve your makeup needs instantly. You can touch up your eye shadow, lipstick, and blush within seconds. We like The Multiple by Nars, It comes in many shades and is enriched with Vitamin E and açai oil which provide antioxidant benefits.

Deep Under-Eye Bags 

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The HydraGel Lift by PUR hydrates your eyes and reduce puffiness. It feels wonderful after you apply it and dries within seconds. Aside from being a makeup primer, lift your eyes, and smooths the delicate skin. Goodbye tired, swollen eyes!

Wild Hair 

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I always keep a tube of medicinal ointment like Preparation H Cooling Gel in my bag, because you can use it on your hair to tame stubborn locks or plump your lips. Don’t worry, the smell disappears after a few seconds.  

Oily Roots  

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You don’t have dry shampoo on hand and don’t know what to do. Relax, look into your makeup bag and pull out your foundation, finishing or translucent power. Apply it onto your roots to soak up the excess of oil and then comb your hair. Loose power works best, but you can also use a compact version. Try Skin Diffuser Baked Loose Powder by Laura Geller

Chipped Nail Polish 

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Your nail polish is dreadful and you’re going out with friends. What to do? Invest on polish remover pads. They work great, one pad removes up to 10 chipped nails. I like Cutex One-Step Pads. These pads never leave my bag. 

Stained Clothes 

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Stains are embarrassing specially during a long day at the office. Keep a stain remover pen handy for your messy moments. If you act quickly the stain will disappear within minutes and you won’t be drawing attention to your dress for the wrong reason. I always use Tide to Go.

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