Indie Products to Look Younger & Skinnier

New York City hosted the Indie Beauty Expo at the end of August where hundreds of new beauty brands (or new to the country) gathered to display their beautiful products made mostly with natural and organic ingredients. I browsed many brands and have tested several products in the past weeks. I want to share with you my favorites, aside from being effective, the following products will make you beautiful and skinny.

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Sexy Abs


Body Boost Gel applies the slimming properties of ginseng and green tea to tone, firm, and smooth your skin while getting rid of fat cells. Yup! Apply a generous amount of the gel on your belly before you workout to sweat fat off. As soon as you apply it, you feel the menthol working its magic right away. I wear a gym belly wrap to make the cream even more effective. Welcome flat stomach! Get it at Skinvolve.

Smooth Skin 


Are you crazy about coffee? If you are, you know that it’s rich antioxidants are perfect to clean pores, nourish your skin, and dramatically improve its texture. Coffee is a natural exfoliator which remove dead cells and leave your skin silky. I loved my mini body collection so much that I’m ready to purchase the full version. Buy these beauties at Java Skincare.

Wrinkle Free 


For 25 years, LiftLab had successfully helped women preserve their youth by applying the Cell Protection Protein or CCP technology to reduce the appearance of wrinkles while getting rid of inflammation and irritation. I’ve been using these products for a couple of weeks now and I’m starting to see the results. My skin feels smoother and firmer. Buy these products at FitLab.

Youthful Face 


Made in Australia, Eco Face‘s Vitamin C Serum promises to improve the texture of your dry skin thanks to its antioxidant enriched formula. In addition to vitamin C, It contains Rosehip oil which is a natural anti-aging component. Apply twice daily, and you’ll see the results in no time. Purchase this delicious serum at Eco Aroma.

Healthy Hair 


The Tricogena pH Hair System was designed to repair your hair and scalp using only natural ingredients such as coconut oil and eucalyptus mint. The moment you apply the shampoo, you feel that amazing minty sensation deep cleansing your hair follicles. Because its formula is free of  parabens and sulfate, it’s safe to use on any treated hair. Purchase the complete line at Lasio.

Friends, give these brands a shot, you’ll be surprised how good they are and you’ll enjoy the attention of being an Indie Beauty Junkie. Hello beautiful!

Image by Milena Prinzi






Milena Prinzi

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