5 Professional Tricks to Enhance Your Everyday Makeup

You LOVE getting your makeup professionally done because your face looks flawless, but don’t like paying the high price. I know, that’s why I gathered tips from experts to elevate your homemade makeup to the next level. Hello highlights!

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Bring in some light

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 5.11.30 PM

I’m talking highlighter. As its name suggests this tool will add light to strategic parts of your face adding that professional glow. Kim Kardashian is known for the glow in the center of her upper lip and middle of the brows. Try Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder by Urban Decay.

A touch of pink

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 5.18.58 PM

Winter and dry weather take a toll on your skin leaving it pale and opaque. To add that ‘rosie’ color to your face, apply pink blush before and after applying foundation. You’ll face will look vibrant in seconds. Try Angelika Cotton Candy Blush by Nars.

Plumper lips

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 5.21.45 PM

We all want it, and believe it or not is very easy to have it. You don’t need to buy expensive lip-plumping products, when you can use natural ingredients like peppermint and cinnamon. Exfoliate your lips with cinnamon to get rid of dead skin and cells. Brew peppermint tea, and apply it on your lips every night before bed. You can also try Cinnamon Plumping Lip Oil by Bite Beauty.

Thinner face

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 5.29.28 PM

Think finishing powder which you’re going to apply only with a thin brush on your face following its symmetrical lines. I’m talking forehead to chin and cheek to cheek. Wait at least a minute after you apply your makeup to put on finishing powder. Try HD Microfinish Powder by Make Up Forever.

Fuller brows

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 5.25.00 PM

Apply a brow pencil a shade darker than your brows and fill them in. To make them naturally fuller, apply vitamin E oil on your brows every night before bed. The thin hairs will become thicker with time. Brunette Brow Pencil by Bobbi Brown.


Milena Prinzi

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