Wear the Right Bra & No More Back Pain

It’s sun dress season and you can’t wait to show your legs, arms and cleavage. Unveil the full potential of your chest without tugging, pulling and rearranging your ‘girls’ wearing the right bra. It’s been a while since you had a professional fitting, and we’re here to help. Read on and live without back pain!

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Poorly fitted bras are more than a fashion no no, they actually can create pain in your back, shoulders, and neck. It compromises your posture, and even makes breathing difficult because an ill fitted band cuts circulation. Follow these steps when you’re fitting your brand new bra.

1. Don’t rush, take your time and make sure that your breast fit fully inside the cup. It should fit flat against your chest without a gap between the bra’s gore and your breast bone.

2. There shouldn’t be any wrinkles on the bra cups. The straps should be tight and feel comfortable. Turn around and make sure that the back of the bra and the front are aligned.

3. Your bra should sit in place, while you swing your arms. Try a smaller size until fits perfectly. Trust us, you don’t want to pull and adjust your bra constantly during the day.

Wearing the right bra, will relieve the pressure and tension put on your back’s muscles. You’ll see how relaxed they feel and how easy is to live without back pain.

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