I Did My Own Keratin Treatment and ….

I’ve been a fan of the process since the beginning when it cost a small fortune and the product was full of formaldehyde. Things have changed, the treatment is a bit more affordable and there’s less of the organic compound, known for preserving corpses, in the hair straightening formula. I simply love the way my hair feels and looks months following the treatment because it makes styling easier. To shake things up, I decided to do the treatment myself. In a nutshell, I’m happy!

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I have A LOT of hair and it’s quite long. Since I’m getting ready to go on my summer vacation and there will be lots of pool and beach days, I wanted my hair to be less frizzy and easier to manage. I wanted to save some cash not getting the treatment professionally done since it might get ruined by salt and chlorine. I did some research and purchased a bottle of the treatment on Amazon for $60. I also bought a mixing bowl and brush kit for easy applying. The bottle is 300ml which will be enough for two or three uses depending on how much hair you have.

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Per instructions, you have to use a clarifying shampoo (which you should already have at home) to remove product build up and oil from your hair. Clarifying shampoo also restores the pH of your hair and allows the keratin to reach deep into the hair follicles.

  1. Wash your hair (3 times) with shampoo (skip conditioner) and blow dry. It might be difficult to comb due to the clarifying shampoo cleansing formula. Blow dry and divide your hair into four parts.
  2.  Apply the keratin solution with the brush, starting a couple of inches away from the root. Place a towel on your neck to protect your skin. It might get a bit itchy if the keratin touches it. If it does, simply wipe with a wet towel. The product gives off some fumes, because it does have a bit of formaldehyde, relax, it’s not strong at all.
  3. After you apply it throughout the hair, leave it for 20 minutes. You’re supposed to blow dry your hair with the solution, but I rinsed out a bit to remove the excess of product and then blew it out. Once the hair is completely dry, use the flat iron to activate the formula. Take as little hair as possible to allow the formula to reach every little follicle from root to end. Since the formula is concentrated, you could wash your hair within 24 hours or wait a couple of days.

I spent almost two hours doing the treatment, but saved over $200 dollars. My hair feels silky and the frizz is gone. I’ll definitely do it again after the summer! Let me know if you try it at home. Good luck!

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