Illuminate Your Makeup & Stop Traffic

Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and the likes, seem to be always glowing and they actually are. Their secret? They add a touch of light to their makeup with the help of illuminators. Their faces shine and their features look more refined and symmetrical. Illuminating sticks, loose or set powders have the ability to elevate your makeup and transform it from homemade to professional with one touch. We rounded up our favorites, so give them a try.

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Also: Bridal glow? Yours without the wedding!

Golden Diva 


Inexpensive and effective, this Glowing Finish Illuminating Stick from Mary Kay highlights and contour your best assets. You can even apply it on your shoulders and chest to glow everywhere. It comes in bronze and gold to favor every skin tone. We are loving this stick!

Symmetrical Glowing Face


Naturally contour every corner of your face simply by adding light in the right places. Mally‘s Finish Line Professional Luminizer is just the thing to refine your features. Its creamy consistency turns into powder and applies easily on your skin. You’re going to be able to showcase your features and hide the tiny imperfections.

All Over Shine


The blendable cream-to-powder formula of mark. Touch & Glow Shimmer Cream Cubes from AVON, brighten your eyelids, cheeks, nose and lips. You can blend all nine shades or apply each individual color. The result is a professional looking shine that will leave your face glowing in the right places.

Blend & Highlight 


Hide what you don’t want by highlighting the best accents of your face. Apply and blend with one-of-a-kind stick you’re probably won’t be able to stop using.  Watt’s Up! Cream-to-Powder Highlighter works so well that has become Benefit‘s best selling product.

Gilded Honey


Laura Geller‘s best selling baked illuminator, Gilded Honey adds the perfect amount of shine to your makeup look. You can even use it as eyeshadow if you like to glow everywhere. It comes in four amazing shades (ballerina, charming pink, gilded honey and peach glow) to please every taste.

Yeah, you’re turning heads already!

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