Squat, You’re It?!

You hear the word squat and your first instinct is to run the other way, trust us, you’re not alone! Squats are probably the hardest exercise to master because they require a strong core, legs, back, arms and stamina. Don’t know you, but last time we checked those things were in short supply. Fortunately, there are ways to build up the strength to master this dreaded move and  we’re ready to show you how. On your marks!

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Start slow: The only person you have to challenge is yourself, so don’t rush anything! This is important because you don’t want to get hurt and risk an unnecessary injury. Listen to your body! Don’t bend that low, don’t sink that deep, take your time with each move and watch out for your knees. As you gain the strength required, you’ll push yourself to the next level, not to the limit.

Stand correctly: The way you stand is very important when doing squats because it will allow you to succeed or not. Your body must be perfectly aligned to do the move correctly. You want your knees to be directly underneath your shoulders. You achieve this, by standing with your feet apart and grounded on the floor.

Careful going down: You must protect your knees when you bend down and the easiest way to do it, is not going over your toes. Keep your eyes fixed on your knees going down and they shouldn’t block your toes. You must be able to view the tip of your toes at any given moment when going up and down.

Help with props: Ropes, kettlebells, medicine and yoga balls exist for a reason. They offer support and an alternative to classic workout moves. Hold on to a rope to help your body sink deeper, place a yoga ball on your back to support it while bending your knees and stable your feet with a medicine ball between them for more balance.

The following video shows you the different squat variations available. Start doing sets of 5 and build up from there, easy does it. In no time you’ll tone your legs, butt, improve your posture and balance. Don’t you love a challenge? Best of luck friends!


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