Sparkly Makeup to Shine on Christmas

It’s party time! … and you’re secretly – correction – loudly freaking out!! You don’t know how to achieve the ultimate Christmas makeup look. We get it, it’s a very important party and your future could change forever, right? Reference Bridget Jones or any of the characters from the timeless Love Actually movie. No need to panic, when in doubt, always sparkle. ‘Tis The Season of everything shimmery, so let’s get inspired!

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Black, copper, white, red, green, silver and gold are the colors of the season and the ones you need to focus on. Not a fan of glitter? No problem, choose matte creamy finishes in gold tones. After all, sparkles are everywhere on Christmas!

Star-studded Eyes

Platinum Lips

Contour Bright 

Are you still worried?

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