Don’t Hide, Show Off Glowing Skin

Winter weather lacks moisture and since its so cold, we always have the heaters running which ends up drying our skin beyond proportions. Unless you want dry, dull, irritated looking skin, don’t read the following tips to transform the texture of your skin.

Also: Are you contouring me?

Careful with hot showers:  I know it’s nearly impossible not to shower with hot water during winter, but you should. Choose lukewarm water instead, because hot water doesn’t allow moisture to reach your skin cells.

Replace your soap for a Beauty Bar: Soap is actually terrible for your skin, especially during winter because gets rid of all the natural oils in your skin. Try an oil based cleansing lotion or my favorite the Dove Beauty Bar which has a 1/4 of moisturizing cream in its formula. 

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Humidifier is a must! Always sleep with a humidifier to prevent your skin from drying. In winter choose one with warm mist to keep the room warm and avoid turning on the heat. During the warm months, sleep with the cool mist variation.

Facial Serum: The formulas are way more concentrated than traditional moisturizers because they have more oil. I prefer applying serum at night to let the vitamins and ingredients do its magic. Fresh Elixir Ancient is by far my favorite.

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Bath Oils: The beauty about these oils is that you can apply them in the shower and just towel dry. They absorb rapidly leaving your skin moist and soft all day long. If you don’t want to spend extra money, simply use coconut oil if you already have it. 

Body Butters: These thick creams are perfect for winter because they really seal in moisture. Apply them right after you shower (humid skin) so it can spread easily. Choose any brand you like, but I recommend Carols Daughter Ecstasy Body Butter.

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Trust me, it’s possible to have a healthy looking skin even when temperatures reach the frigid mark. Let it snow baby!

Image by Flickr 


Milena Prinzi

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