Tutorial: Coolest Braids To Turn Heads

Spring is here and that means, no more hats!! Let your hair be the focal point by showing off high fashion braids. They were the preferred hairstyle by designers during fashion week around the globe, and I have all types here. Hello French, Dutch, Medieval, Romantic and Fishtails! The best thing about braids is that once you learn how to do one, you can master them all because it’s the same concept. Are you ready to turn every single head? Can you handle all the attention? Of course you do!

Also: Don’t hide, show off glowing skin!


Side Fishtail


Medieval Crown

Romantic, Reverse Braid

So, which braid are you trying tonight? I’m dying for the crown, let’s face it, we all consider ourselves queens!


Image by Cuffmate 

Milena Prinzi

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