Copper: The Secret Anti Aging Weapon

Sleeping Beauty‘s magical secret has been revealed and it has nothing to do with a spinning wheel or prince charming. She owes her magnificent beauty to her stress-free upbringing in the woods. She spent her days singing with her animal friends, collecting berries and sleeping. Perhaps, that’s how she got her nickname? After all, sleep is beauty’s best friend, because while we snooze, our skin regenerates collagen.

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Collagen is the protein that makes our skin look younger. The more collagen stored in our cells, less wrinkles, dark circles, puffy eyes and dark spots will appear on our faces. It’s scientifically proven that sleepless nights reduce the production of said protein and the skin looks wrinkled, haggard, dehydrated and swollen. Between you and me, I wake up with bags (under my eyes) so big, I could easily fit my purse in them. Getting a good night of sleep is easier said than done, that’s why I’m always trying to find ways to enchant my “beauty sleep”.

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When I found out that copper infused textiles were created as an anti-aging solution to reduce wrinkles while we sleep, I was all over it. Copper is a mineral present in small quantities in our skin, and it’s said to aide collagen growth.. Iluminage is the brand behind the revolutionary technology and they offer a sleep mask, a pillow case, gloves and socks with the sole purpose to make you younger overnight. If you sleep with any (or all) of these textiles for four weeks, you’ll see wonderful improvements. The scientifically proven copper technology promises to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and who doesn’t want that!

The brand just launched gloves, which I believe are going to be a hit because they also get rid of age spots. They are so luxurious, you can wear them during the day. It’s difficult to stop aging, but we can certainly delay it if we improve the quality of our sleep. I just completed my first week with the Iluminage sleep mask, and I’m loving it. I sleep better because they completely block the light, and the silky, smooth textile feels great against my skin. I haven’t woken up with the huge bags under my eyes lately. Fall under the magic spell of sleep and wake up a little bit younger and prettier every morning, just like magic.

Images by Iluminage

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