Swimsuits & Bikinis With the Skinny Touch

Today is the first official day of summer and to celebrate we’re bringing you slimming swimsuits and bikinis that literally squeeze your gut and make you look skinnier. Their color blocking, asymmetric shapes, and high waisted cuts are perfect to trick the eye and thinner your abdomen. You’ll feel great wearing these and won’t need a cover-up.

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Also: Stylish sandals that scream I’m Here!

Shapewear Technology

Always a great idea to pick a shapewear fitted suit as your one piece. Mikoh is one of Kylie Jenner fave swimsuit brands, and you’ll understand why. Enjoy a flatter stomach.

High Waisted

Anything that covers the middle area will make you look instantly slimmer. Tankinis are great, but we’re kind of crazy with this jumper little number.

Retro 60s

A wide high waisted bikini that completely covers your abdomen will vacuum your skin and hold everything in place. No more soaking in your gut!

Color Blocked

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Double crossed in The Ballerina One-Piece.

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Color blocking is always deceiving, therefore great for hiding everything that hangs. Make sure you’ll pick a darker color for the bottom and possibly  a high waisted suit like this one. Stunning!


Any suit or bikini with a wide belt will make your waist instantly look smaller. Solids and darker colors work best. When in doubt, belt it out!


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The two-piece One Piece #TheLongLine #TheHighWaist

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This type of long bikini reduces the amount of skin exposed in the middle. Still comfortable for women that love a two piece suit, but without showing too much. Kind of perfect if you ask us.



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