5 Tricks To Live A Skinny Life

The hard part of weight loss is maintaining the pounds off after you complete your diet. There are certain things you should do if you don’t want to fall into your old bad eating habits. No worries, these are super easy!

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Don’t drop the ball: Don’t start splurging on food just because your diet is over, before you know it, you’ll gain all the weight back. Maintain the good eating behavior for at least a month after rewarding yourself here and there.

Keep on moving babe: You’re not as strict with your diet as you were before which means you have move more. You must exercise to battle the so called fat gene because we all have it, some in higher quantities than others. Make sure to do at least an hour of physical activity per day either walking, dancing, cleaning your house or washing your car.

Watch your alkaline level: Most celebs do this type of diet after they lose weight to maintain it. They eat very low amounts of acidic foods. Kate Hudson is a fan of this diet and that’s why she always has such an amazing body.

Careful with sugary snacks. You’re probably a glucose expert by now so put your knowledge to good use specially when it comes to snacks. Read labels carefully, because sugar turns to fat.

Ditch the chair!  Sitting is weight loss worst enemy, not only because you’re sedentary but the actual action of ‘sitting’ makes your abs muscles too relaxed and allow fat to ‘sit in’. Invest in a stand-up desk, or get up every 15 minutes and walk for at least 10. Sit straight with your core muscles tight.

Invest in a new wardrobe darling because you’ll be in this size for years!


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