Nutrients that Trim Bad Fat Off Your Life

Everything we eat impacts the way we feel and look. If we eat junk, saturated, fatty, and artificial flavored food, our system will eventually shut down. Our digestion will become challenging to say the least, and problems like constipation, irritated colon and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) will surface. On the other hand, healthier foods have the opposite effect, our system runs smoothly, we feel better and energized. Certain known nutrients are key (protein, omega 3, fatty acids, minerals, etc..), and they are part of your diet already. Others (not too common) like the following, you’re probably lacking.

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Soy: The jury is out about this nutrient, some doctors highly recommend it and others ask you to proceed with caution. Soybeans are great in their purest form, but like any other ingredient, when they get deluded, they sacrifice their integrity. Edamame and tofu are full of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. You should increase the amount of soy based foods you consume during the day to four ounces in order to lose extra weight. Remember, soy is considered a low-fat protein.  

Carotenoids: When it comes to veggies and fruits, the more colorful the better. The yellow, orange and red skin color of certain fruits and vegetables are an indication of the high content of carotene. This ingredient impacts our weight because it contains healthy fatty acids and also help the body absorb retinol. A-carotene, B-carotene, and lycopene are the common carotenoids present in carrots, bell pepper, tomatoes, mangoes, peaches, etc… Eat lots of colorful foods to enjoy the benefits. 

Fiber: Aside from making you feel satiated after you eat, fiber rich foods are great for your digestion and metabolism. Eat at least twenty grams of fiber per day from whole-grains, to veggies like artichokes, and fruits like apples. Some nuts are also rich in this wonderful nutrient and they are the perfect snack for weight loss. Scan the label for portion suggestions to keep the calorie count in check, but a fiber rich diet will in turn help you lose weight.  

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