De-Bloat With Just One Cup of Tea

Honeysuckle has been used in traditional Japanese medicine to cure all types of digestive problems for centuries. A fresh cup is the only thing you need to get rid of belly bloat fast, especially when you’re going through a hormonal change.

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Honeysuckle is considered the herb penicillin because it has natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Because of its capabilities to fight inflammation and aid digestion, honeysuckle tea aids weight loss. It’s a natural laxative that cleans the intestines and helps you go to the bathroom easily.

Honeysuckle is considered a natural cleanser, helps detox the liver and restore its function. In tea form, honeysuckle is a diuretic, which works like magic for the kidneys. You can find honeysuckle herbs, extracts, oils and even capsules in any health food store.

Instructions: Brew Japanese honeysuckle flowers and boil them in water. Wait five minutes or so and drain the liquid. The taste is similar to jasmine tea, but a little more flowery. If you need a little sweetness, add a couple drops of agave or honey. Drink two cups a day, preferably before meals. Try it this week and let us know how do you feel after drinking one cup. Enjoy your flat belly!

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