How Vitamin D Helps You Lose Weight

This vitamin is very important for your weight loss efforts, because affects a hormone called leptin, which helps burn fat. We all have a deficiency of vitamin D because the main source is the sun and most of us get very little of it on a daily basis. Nutritionists recommend a daily dosage of 1000 mg of vitamin D3 in order to help you lose weight. Learn how this vitamin keeps you skinny.

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Vitamin D not only aids your diet, but also gives you strength. Yes, vitamin D, increases your adrenaline levels and suddenly you have more energy to go to the gym. It also helps boost your immune system and allow your bones to absorb more calcium. If you can’t soak 20 minutes of sunlight in the morning, and don’t like to take supplements, you can still get your vitamin D through your food.

The following foods have the most vitamin D concentration and you should eat them in great quantities. Eggs, almonds, mushrooms, yogurt, tomatoes, canned tuna, and salmon. Always choose vitamin D fortified drinks like milk, orange juice and grains such as cereal and oats. Puddings, ice cream and fruits like banana and berries have lots of calcium too. Of course, make sure to choose low-fat varieties of dairy products to reduce the calorie intake. Here’s a breakfast burrito full of vitamin D just for you.

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1. Whisk the first 5 ingredients (through pepper) in a medium bowl.

2. Coat a medium nonstick skillet with cooking spray, and melt butter over medium heat. Add the egg mixture, and stir with a heatproof rubber spatula to scramble.

3. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons cheese down the center of one tortilla; top with half of the scrambled egg, 2 tablespoons tomato, and 1 tablespoon chunky salsa.

4. Roll up burrito-style (fold bottom up and sides to center). Repeat with remaining ingredients. Enjoy! Recipe by Health

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