How To Eliminate Flatulence For Good

Do you regularly suffer from flatulence to the point that you’re embarrassed to eat in public? This problem affects more women than men because our colon is longer and tends to hold more bacteria. Change certain things in your diet to stop flatulence for good.

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Stay away from high sulfur foods: Though these foods are great for your health you might be intolerant to them. I’m talking cruciferous veggies including cabbage and Brussels sprouts. They sit longer in your colon producing gas.

No gassy foods at night: Stay away from foods that create gas such as carbonated drinks, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, uncooked leafy greens and salads. Don’t eat them for dinner because your stomach won’t digest them fully and you’ll have serious indigestion the next day.

Nothing spicy or acidic: These types of foods are very difficult to digest and produce irritation in the colon. Eat them with caution and prepare your stomach before you eat them with a digestion aid like ginger.

Take natural laxatives: Flatulence and constipation go hand in hand. Make sure to ingest natural laxatives like apple cider vinegar, prune juice, aloe vera juice and fiber regularly so your digestive system works smoothly. 

Get rid of constant gassiness: If your flatulence is now part of your life, you must eat more fiber. Fiber oils the digestive track and allow foods to dissolve faster in your stomach. Also high fiber foods make you feel full and satitaded therefore you’ll eat less meals in a day.

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