Good Riddance Acne!

Acne affects everyone at any age, yes, it’s more common in teens, but it’s not exclusive of that age group. In fact, acne breakouts could be triggered by a hormonal imbalance, stress, digestive problems or liver disorders. Treatments can be long, painful, frustrating and expensive depending on the severity of your condition. Acne also impacts self-confidence and leave physical and emotional marks so deep no foundation can cover. Fortunately, technology is here to the rescue and it’s super futuristic!

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Neutrogena created the Light Therapy Acne Mask so you can benefit from the effective blue and red light therapy, until now exclusive of  your dermatologist, but at home. The mask is completely safe, free of chemicals and UV rays. All you have to do is wash your face with an acne cleanser, towel dry and wear the mask for ten minutes. The blue light target and kill the bacteria that cause acne and the red light reduce inflammation.


The worst thing you can do to your delicate acne skin is touch it with your hands and tools because it could get infected. This mask prevents that temptation and soothes your skin. The acne causing bacteria makes your skin produce more cebo (oil) which clogs your pores making the skin breakout, tear and bleed.

To reduce the amount of oil on your skin you should consider eating a high antioxidant diet to eliminate toxins and free radicals from your system. I’ve been wearing the mask for a week now and I’m already seeing improvements on my skin. Wear the mask every day for a month to completely transform your skin and kiss acne goodbye!

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Milena Prinzi

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