That Lavender Skin Miracle You’ve Been Missing

Very few scents describe summer perfectly like lavender. A little hint of it is enough to transport you to the South of France, where fields of the sensual and medicinal herb flood the land. Aside from having a refreshing aroma, lavender helps you relax by lowering your cortisol (stress hormone) levels. It also helps relieve tension on your muscles and soothes your skin. Since it’s completely natural, lavender is the perfect perfume for women allergic to most colognes.

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Goodbye Stress

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Nothing allows your body and muscles to relax like a warm bath. If you want to reduce your stress levels, lavender is the perfect choice. A tablespoon of the magical scent is enough to renew your body. Lavender Foaming Bath.

Soothe your Itchy Skin

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Lavender Essential Oil has natural calming properties which will soothe your itchy skin. It’s also a natural anti-inflammatory which reduces inflammation and irritation on your skin. Apply a little drop on the affected area and you’ll feel and see the difference in no time.

Better Sleep

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If you’re not a fan of baths, you can still relax with the Lavender Rough-Cut Soaps, shower gel, soap bar and body lotion. Shower just before bedtime, apply the Bath & Body Duo on your skin and go to sleep. The scent of lavender will make you drowsy because it slows your blood pressure and heart rate.

Relaxed All Day Long

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Wear the unique aroma of Lavender Eau de Cologne all day long and you’ll feel like you’re on vacation. The exquisite scent will only bring good memories and your stress level will get lower. Good thoughts make you feel happy.

What type of lavender person are you?




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