Yoga Ball: Sexiest Workout of Them All!

Some of us like to exercise, but only if we have support. It’s awesome to have a workout buddy or attend a fitness class, but sometimes that’s not possible. Luckily, there are the physioballs, you know, the big yoga balls you always see at the gym?! You probably don’t know what to do with them and we’re here to help you with that. They are actually a great tool to facilitate your workout and push your limits. Watch how to transform your body with this amazing ball. 

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Ripped Abs: You’ll be able to do more reps if you lay on the ball because it supports your lower back and relieves that tension. Your focus will be completely on your ab muscles.

Perfect Squads: If you place the ball between your back and the wall, you’ll be able to keep your back straight while your legs do all the work. You’ll sink deeper while protecting your knees.

Firm Booty: Probably the most effective way to work your butt is using the physioball. You can comfortably lay on top of it and put all the pressure on your booty. Hello frog, butterfly and doggie moves!

Toned Legs: The yoga ball is very stabilizing, thanks to its size. This makes it easy to work out your legs. Your feet stay secure on it, allowing your legs to move freely.

They say “no pain, no gain” maybe? But with this ball there will be no pain, only a nice, invigorating burn. Watch the video to learn how to do all these  easy and effective exercises.

You’re Welcome!

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