Get Rid of Frizz & Static on Your Hair

Sometimes it feels like our hair can’t get a break. During the summer we have to deal with the annoying frizz, and the colder months bring on the bothersome static. There’s nothing worse than a flat-stuck-to-your face-and-neck hair when you’re out and about wearing your cool Fall-Winter outfit. Both problems occur when there’s not enough moisture in the air, which means, you have to add it to your hair. How? Simply choose the right products with the necessary ingredients to seal it in the hair follicles, prevent breakage and flatness. Read on, we have solutions.

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Just right brush


Brushes are the most important tool for your hair, and you should choose wisely. Not all brushes are created equal. To avoid freeze and static you should use a wide toothbrush (the wider, the better) to allow each hair strand to separate from each other. There are many different styles of hair brushes, and they all have a very specific purpose. We recommend the Tangle Buster Brush by KareCo because it’s flexible oval head bends as you brush reaching every strand of hair and corner of your head.

The anti-rebel


Frizz is the worst companion and no one wants it around. John Frieda is the master that has conquered frizz and is always perfecting its frizz-ease formula to tame rebellious hair. We’re are loving the 10-Day Tamer Treatment, which you apply on dry hair before showering. Leave it for three minutes before washing your hair with shampoo and you’ll notice how manageable it becomes after you dry it.

Balanced pH


It’s very important to have a balanced pH to avoid excess or lack of acidity in your system and the same thing goes for your hair. Most common scalp and hair disorders result from an unbalanced pH. It’s essential that you choose the right shampoo that maintains your pH balanced to keep the health of your scalp and the beauty of your hair. Pick a formula free of sulfate, parabens, sodium, and with active ingredients to repair your hair. American English Youth Repair Duo.

In & out primer 


It’s important to protect your hair before and after using heat tools, which tend to dry, damage, and break the delicate hair follicles. You must seal in moisture and nutrients before extracting them through heat. Choose a primer that protects your hair’s natural protein and fiber supply instead of reducing it. Kérastase Paris Elixir Ultimate does that and more. It creates a barrier while fills your hair with nutrients and shine. Couple sprays before and after styling are all you need to reduce static.

Dress tip: Avoid wearing silk, wool, fleece, and synthetic fabrics during the cold months to limit static on your hair. If you must wear them, put your hair up before dressing and wait at least five minutes before letting it down.

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