5 Stretching Routines To Relax Your Joints + Burn Calories

As the lockdown continues in many cities and countries around the world, our muscles are feeling the effect and strain of it all. We have spent more time sitting or laying down than we have ever done before. Among other things, we are complaining about tight joints, backache, neck pain, and bad posture.

Many people are protesting gym and fitness center closures by exercising in front of local government buildings in the United States (we don’t condone this behavior and believe it is excessive and uncalled for). Honestly, there’s no need to gather around fitness centers, share equipment, and facilities when there’s a pandemic going around and around. All you need to do is lay a mat or blanket on your carpet and do some stretching exercises to strengthen your core, tighten your muscles, and relax your joints.

Because we know how stressed and busy you are feeling right now, we did the homework for you. We searched online for the best exercises you can do in the comfort of your living room or bedroom to stretch your muscles, joints, and body.

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If your city has or is lifting social distance restrictions soon, take your mat or blanket to a park or wide-open space and stretch out there, but of course, keep a safe distance, between 10 to 12 feet from the next person. This precaution is vital so you can exhale in and out safely without the risk of contaminating people near you.

Ease Your Back and Joints Pain

This series of stretching exercises are also great to improve your posture and also work great as an efficient post-workout cool down routine.

Strengthen Your Core and Increase Energy Levels

Believe it or not, the right exercising routine can boots your metabolism, therefore increasing your energy levels. After doing this combination of three easy moves, you’ll feel way more energized than you did before you arrived at your mat.

Burn and Expand Your Range of Motion

We adore exercise routines that offer a full-body workout, which helps you burn calories all day long, even after your workout. If you can stretch while doing it, even better! This combo offers that and way more.

Routine To Make You More Flexible

Flexibility is at the top of our fitness goals, and we’re sure it is on your list too. The more flexible our muscles are, the less the risk of injures. We’re not talking fitness injures; we’re referring to single risk factors injuries such as climbing stairs, twisting your foot, or bending down too low without the proper form.

Post Workout Recovery Routine

If you’re searching for 10 minutes or less post-workout recovery routine to relax your sore muscles, this one is perfect. With this sequence, your joints will ease, stretch and cool down. You’ll be ready to do it all over again tomorrow.

That’s it! We hope these easy-to-do stretching classes will help you relax your joints, release tension, ease backache, loosen your muscles, and sleep better without so many twists and turns.

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