6 Quarantine Friendly Full-Body Workouts You Can Do In Your Living Room

If you’re anything like me… I mean, you’re spending way too much time sitting down, in my case, writing and editing articles, quarantine backache is now part of our life.

Actually, my whole day revolves around getting some work done, taking care of my kids, and waiting for 7 pm to clap, whistle and bang pots together to cheer for our first responders and medical professionals at the front lines of this pandemic.

Speaking of my backache… My first problem is that I stopped working out altogether because my gym closed down due to COVID19, and I’m afraid to workout outdoors. My second problem is that I’m not disciplined enough to do yoga or pilates mat classes at home.

I’m the kind of person that can only exercise if I’m moving a lot with a high-intensity workout like kickboxing, spinning, or high-speed running. Since working out doesn’t come naturally for me, I need all the elements to be perfectly lined up to get the motivation I need to do it.

That’s why I did the homework for you and searched 6 workouts that you can do from beginning to end, at home, alternating them three times a week, and get off your couch.

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When I say motivation, I’m talking about perfect lighting, temperature, playlist, and of course, equipment, which you can only get at your fitness temples. Since I live in NYC and we don’t know when the city is going to open fully and when gyms are going to allow people in, I had to change my state because my backache got considerably worse.

So, I ordered a set of 5lbs and 15lbs dumbbells and one 20lbs weight from Target. It took longer than usual for the package to arrive, but it did, Thank YOU USPS workers!! The next step was to scan the web for fun, easy and manageable workouts that I could do in my living room.

I live in an apartment, and my living room is not that spacious, so I had to consider that when choosing the workouts. Luckily, I found six from a studio I like called Tone It Up.

Two of them were exclusive workouts, the founders designed for two editorial publications, and the other four are part of their workout series. My main criteria for choosing said workouts was cardio, and core since those are the two things causing my back pain. I also searched for full-body routines because I like working out my arms and leg muscles.

I’m in my third week, and I’m starting to feel different. I’m starting to regain flexibility, my backache is not as intense as It was before, and I have way more energy.

Monday Routine

I grouped two workouts and divided them in 3 days. I am loving them and looking forward to doing them. I will continue to do them at the gym once open.

This full-body cardio, abs, and arms workout gets your heart rate up and metabolism going. I feel the burn all day long.

I paired the cardio workout above with this entire arm class, which also works out your core and legs.

Wednesday Routine

On Wednesdays, I have a little more energy than Monday, so I paired two routines that are a little more challenging, but doable than the ones for the first day of the week.

What I like about this class is that the warmup exercises are cardio moves and get your heart pumping fast.

I paired up with this arm routine because it applies their fine-toning method, which is new to me, but It seems to work.

Friday Routine

On Friday, I finished the week with this core and ab workout, which also worked my legs and was more accessible than it looked.

I did a lot of stretching after finishing this routine and before starting the next workout.

Lastly, I enjoyed the combination of moves used in this video, and I was able to do the whole class with my 5lbs dumbells.

Okay, my friends, the goal of this post was to inspire you to move a little more in the next couple of days or weeks so you can start feeling more energized and positive about this new world we are all living.

Lucia Prinzi

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