How to Easily Master the Plank Pose

Fitness is very trendy these days, everyone and their mothers have some sort of workout routine they do several times a week. There are plenty of fitness classes, techniques and centers dedicated to get you in total shape, but you have to spend a significant portion of your paycheck. No pain, no gain, right? But how do you know you’re in shape? Experts say the ultimate challenge is mastering the plank pose, the longer the better because it determines how strong your core is. Challenging? We know. The trick is starting slow and build yourself up. How? Just like this. Watch!

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Hands: There are several plank variations, and you should start with the easiest which is holding the pose using your hands. After mastering this pose for at least 30 seconds, you can start using your elbows.

Elbows: Holding the plank on this position is harder, but gives you more balance and you can start working your lower abs and legs. There are plenty of moves you can do to develop those muscles.

Abs: The side plank pose is perfect to develop your waist and ab muscles. This pose is harder because you need complete stability. Don’t try this pose unless you’re totally grounded, otherwise you could hurt your wrist, elbow and shoulder. Ouch!

Tip for 1 minute plank: Get a timer and set it up to 30 seconds. Plank, stop, workout your abs, and hold plank again for another 30. The time between rounds should be less than a minute. In time, you’ll be able to hold a 10 minute plank without breaking a sweat. You go girl!


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